IT Support and Networking
Each unit provides apprentices insight into the skills and knowledge needed for success - handpicked to align with current industry requirements in the workplace. Some of the optional units demonstrate a deeper understanding of Networking Fundamentals, Remote Support, Software Installation and much more, giving apprentices a broad knowledge and the opportunity to pursue individual pathways.

Digital Marketer 
The Digital Marketer Apprenticeship offers a mix of digital marketing skills, web optimisation and Social Networking Management. The course has been specifically designed to build a strong foundation for success - providing apprentices with the key knowledge and valuable skills needed to become a professional Digital Marketer.

Business Analyst
The Business Analyst Apprenticeship is suitable for individuals seeking a Business Analyst, Junior Project Manager or Business Support Role. The course is delivered through a series of practical workshops and classroom-based learning where apprentices gain the valuable knowledge and skills needed to progress within their chosen vocation and to grow into new and challenging roles.

Software Development
The Software Development Apprenticeship offers hands-on coding experience. It’s the first step into Software Development providing the fundamentals for any future coder or software engineer. The units provided help build the foundation for a successful career, focusing on Fundamentals, Health and Safety in ICT and the Design and Creation of Advanced Websites.